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Waterproof Dog Shoes

Waterproof Dog Shoes

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ON THREE WEEK BACK ORDER! Designed to retain the natural movement of the dog's paw.

Providing excellent protection for all types of ground and injury.

Lightweight to give unrestricted movement Useful for such problems as hot pavements, snow causing ice balls, sharp flinty ground or broken glass, bruised pads, allergies.

Dog's paws are, in structure, more like our hands than our feet and full flexion must be allowed both up and down at the toes

Dogs can work and play in our boots with full mobility.

We need the following measurement for your dog:

Width of paw at the widest point. This is best done by drawing around the paw on a piece of paper and then measuring straight across at the widest point.

If your dog has a dressing or cast Circumference of the bandage at largest point Circumference of the bandage at paw (if this isn't the largest point)

If your dog drags his paws Please tell us if this is front or back paws Distance from the tip of claws to any damage on top, side, and bottom of paws

For the main body of the boot, we selected a waterproof breathable fabric made of tough textured nylon and polyurethane, also used in the manufacture of jackets for a European police force. The fabric will retain its waterproof qualities even after abrasion and is very durable. We reduced the number of connective seams to a minimum, so as to limit potential stress points in the boot. For the sole and toe cap, we chose hide. Not just any old piece of leather, but carefully dressed cowhide which means that it is supple yet strong To prevent wear from the front claws of the dog's paws we incorporated a hide toe-cap, which has the additional benefit of ensuring the boot stays correctly in position, without twisting round, on the dog's foot. Finally, we use a special waterproof tape to seal the seams for our waterproof range, thus making the boots fully waterproof. Pro-Active Paws boots are washable and re-useable and are fitted according to the width of the dog's foot. They are adjustable to your individual dog's height of leg so that a completely comfortable fit can easily be attained.

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